CAM puts a huge amount of work into carefully vetting and screening its cleaning service staff.

Firstly we ensure the potential employee provides 2 references. One of which must by from a previous employer showing experience and ability to clean in a domestic and commercial environment, the other may be a character reference.

We look for honesty, reliability and excellent customer service when recruiting. We go to great lengths to ensure that references are true and accurate and only pass a cleaner once we know that all their references are genuine. They must provide proof of address such as a recent bank statement, utility bill or tenancy agreement and proof of identity, being their passport, driving license, home office papers and a birth certificate.

CAM only employs people who are fully legal to work in the UK. We are very strict in this area, both for the protection of our clients, the company and our reputation.

In addition to the above all employees will have undergone a cleaning interview and passed a cleaning exam. Our teams undergo extensive training in specialist cleaning processes, products, Health and Safety and industry regulations and legislation to equip them to work within hazardous environments. All our cleaners are monitored to ensure they keep to our high standards. This includes spot checks and regular communication with customers.

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