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Our Services are designed to make your facilities management run smoothly so you can get on with running your business


CAM puts a huge amount of work into carefully vetting and screening its cleaning service staff. Firstly
we ensure the potential employee provides 2 references. One of which must be from a previous employer showing experience and ability to clean in a domestic and commercial environment, the other may be a character reference.

We look for honesty, reliability and excellent customer service when recruiting. We go to great lengths to ensure that references are true and accurate and only pass a cleaner once we know that all their references are genuine. All Cleaning staff are vetted to the British Standard BS 7858 & BS7499, along with DBS checking upon request.

CAM only employs people who are fully legal to work in the UK. We are very strict in this area, both for the protection of our clients, the company and our reputation.

In addition to the above all employees will have undergone a cleaning interview and passed a cleaning exam. Our teams undergo extensive training in specialist cleaning processes, products, Health and Safety and industry regulations and legislation to equip them to work within hazardous environments. All our cleaners are monitored to ensure they keep to our high standards. This includes spot checks and regular communication with customers.

Services Include

  • Daily office cleaning

  • Industrial cleaning

  • Factory cleaning

  • Retail cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Pressure washer and steam cleaning


We recognize that within today’s commercial environments cleaning forms an essential and integral part of daily office life. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, management experience and on our attention to detail – something which is essential when it comes to cleaning.

We maintain and clean all types of offices and commercial facilities – the company has extensive experience in dealing
with a broad-client base and a range

of commercial environments including manufacturing, food processing and both public and private sectors. We take pride in ensuring our client’s premises look and operate at their best, as we realize the way in which a company’s premises look

can effect your customer perceptions – Remember Good Cleaning Reflects on You.

Our tailored services are specifically designed to meet with your requirements. We do not just provide a standardized package, we offer a tailor made, accountable, transparent and open-book solution to cleaning service management based on quality and our attention to detail.

CAM believes in a complete commitment to achieving customer satisfaction
every time. This can only be realized by maintaining the highest standards and through the commitment of a well-trained and highly motivated work force.




From concept to completion, our nationwide landscaping service is central to our overall Grounds Maintenance service. Whether it’s providing industrial or commercial landscaping ideas and design for corporate Headquarters and commercial premises or retail landscaping for parks and premises, we can always supply a service tailored to your needs.

  • Commercial landscaping
  • Industrial landscaping
  • Retail landscaping
  • Landscaping ideas and design
  • Bespoke residential properties
  • Sourcing of plants and trees
  • Litter Picking
  • Salting and Gritting during inclement weather



We proactively manage and measure the performance of corporate real estate facilities—from offices and call centres to manufacturing locations and data centres. Our experts understand that successful building operations go beyond the physical environment. It’s also about your people. You’ll better retain talented employees when you satisfy them with a safe and comfortable workplace that’s highly tuned to the work they’re doing.

We maximise the efficiency of facilities through strategic sourcing, reductions in energy consumption and responsive engineering services. We employ proven processes, building management technology and economies of scale that will help you significantly reduce your facility operating costs.

We understand our clients can’t always be on-site but still need to be kept updated on work in progress. An account manager dedicated to your business will therefore supply a full monthly report, including digital photos when required and reports detailing any works that have to be carried out and any additional landscaping required.


Temporary Employment 

Numerous temporary assignments are fulfilled across all of our Clients daily. Recommendations by Clients and candidates continue to grow our multiple Client base and build upon our every increasing number of quality candidates.

We offer an honest and reliable service to everyone regardless of skill, ability, age, or location.

All candidates and clients are assessed for their suitability and individual requirements are matched as closely as possible to ensure suitability and longevity. We understand

that our candidates may seek temporary positions whilst undertaking the search for
a permanent position. CAM recognises this requirement and will work with the candidate and client to complete both service and delivery.

Temporary staff follow a detailed registration process, undertaking necessary testing procedures (as appropriate) covering detail such as numeracy, literacy, dexterity, hand and eye co-ordination, psychometric, medical or any customised assessment which compliments our clients own recruitment process. All candidates are checked against their eligibility to work in this country.

Permanent Employment

CAM provides a confidential and discreet service to both client and candidate. Our process ensures that we take maximum detail from all parties allowing us the ability to match not only skills, knowledge, qualification and suitability, but personality too. Personality is a proven factor in the successful long term relationships of our placements. Candidates will attend a confidential registration interview where all of their background history and detail is discussed, checked and verified. Eligibility to work in this country will be confirmed and references undertaken where required.

CAM staff recognises that candidates seeking a permanent position may wish
to remain in ongoing employment making themselves available from temporary positions. We work alongside our temporary staffing departments so you can decide who you would like to keep on a regular or temporary basis.




We’ve been a leading player in the facilities management industry for
over 30 years – we have changed the way that facilities are managed and pioneered an approach that no one else comes close to.

We can offer a full range of facilities management services, from cleaning, Security officers/ concierge along with all other soft services. We also offer a wide range of CCTV systems, including remote monitoring and Keyholding Services along with full Mechanical and Engineering packages

For us, facilities management means tailor-making a package that doesn’t just fit your needs, but also your geographical and business profile, and working

culture. It also means providing services through our own teams, rather than through complex supply chains which only duplicate management levels and margins. We back this up with integrated software and management systems, that make accountability for our services at 100%

In the current climate, everyone needs
to economise, and we can deliver guaranteed savings. But we’re also helping our clients seize this opportunity to make more far-reaching changes to the way they do business, by reducing costs and increasing value. This is exactly where we can help. Our approach is designed to save you money today, and make your business more efficient and sustainable for tomorrow.




Mobile patrol officers are an efficient and effective means of enhancing site or premises security by providing regular random inspections of your property, particularly where continuous attendance would not be cost effective. Patrol sequences are varied so no obvious pattern is set. A mobile patrol guard will carry out regular checks on premises, vehicles, plant and machinery and other items on site, ensuring the safety of your stock and your property.

We provide fully SIA licensed uniformed mobile patrol officers in liveried patrol vehicles that can give your premises 24 hour security solutions 365 days of the year. These highly visible mobile patrols can act as a deterrent against criminal damage and vandalism and can also provide lone worker protection if required. Mobile patrol officers can also manage a range of support services, by liaising with glaziers and alarm engineers, as well as providing routine security inspections and rapid response to alarm activations.


24 HR Monitoring centre – A winning recipe. Our IP Security-Remote Services is at the forefront of modern security techniques. A permanent on-line stream of incoming and outgoing signals and messages supplies our security controllers with precise situation updates on the sites we monitor. CCTV IP Remote Monitoring and the management of CCTV Control Rooms is a skill in itself, and one for which there is specialised training. Our CCTV Operators have been specifically trained to both operate modern CCTV systems and to understand the behavioural patterns

of suspects. Their training also includes the law relating to CCTV evidence and how to react speedily and effectively to situations they see.





We provide trained and licensed manned guards to many of the UK’s leading businesses. Our staff work closely with the latest security technologies to ensure the safety of your people and your premises. From a friendly face on Reception, to mail-room duties, Gatehouse Operations including Entry & Exit control, CCTV surveillance, Fire-Fighting and Emergency Response services, all of our services can be seamlessly integrated and tailored to meet your exact needs.

Our highly experienced management team ensures all clients receive a manned guarding service that is the best in its class. Crucially our service levels are exceptionally high, even during those critical times of providing holiday and sickness cover for the regular on site security teams. Our unique and refreshing approach to the security manned guarding service delivery ensures our customers receive truly seamless and professional security services.



Our Keyholding Service keeps the keys to your premises safe and secure either as part of a Lock Up/Open Up routine on your behalf, or simply against the day you need spare keys quickly. Our Keyholding service often operates alongside our Alarm Response service where we attend any alarm activation at your premises and, in the event of an authorised entry, secure the premises until the arrival of the authorities.

Our mobile response officers will respond to alarm activations at your premises day and night, 365 days a year.

Allowing your staff to respond to alarm activations exposes them to a potentially dangerous and violent situation. Where activations are deemed to be false your staff may then be fatigued at work the next day having been called out in the early hours of the morning.

Supported by a 24 hour control centre and management team, our officers are experienced and trained to deal with any situation successfully. We liaise with the Police and other agencies, alarm receiving centres and repair contractors on a regular basis.

Our security officers and manned guards will act in accordance with your company procedures and provide a detailed incident report electronically for you to view.

Retail Security Officers 

Retail Security

Our Retail Security Officers are there to ensure premises, stock, customers and staff are safe and secure. Essentially, they help prevent theft and damage and deal with emergencies. They carry out security patrols, securing and monitoring the outlet premises, sometimes with the aid of closed circuit television (CCTV), and supervising at the door.

As with our Uniformed Security Officers, CAM Retail Officers are fully SIA licensed.

Many retailers have come to consider our services as an integral part of their business. In addition to providing Retail Security Officers, we have a dedicated team of specialist retail security managers who can work with you to provide bespoke service solutions. These range from loss prevention training for your employees to providing undercover officers or covert camera systems to tackle internal theft issues.

Our security officers are thought of as an integral part of our clients stores, and aside from a visual security presence and an extended customer service representative, our officers provide valuable documentation and reports that can be used for sales associate training, meetings and management tools. Our operations team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of routine bookings, alarm call outs and out of hours emergencies.

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